Meet the designer behind the Parade and say hi!

Hi there! I'm Corinna Djaferis, thank you for visiting my digital parade.
I'm a multi-disciplinary designer from Switzerland who lives about an hour out of Melbourne (Australia), in a lovely town called Geelong. I have worked with individuals, agencies and companies locally and globally at all sizes.


Things I can do for you

Identity design & Branding
My specialisation is creating professional logomarks that represents your brand positively and stands out. Connecting your customers with your brand is key, and having a memorable and unique mark helps to increase recognition and trust which is what I will bring to your brand.

Business cards, promotional material, posters - you name it and I'll create it!

Illustration & surface pattern design
Sometimes I illustrate and create pattern designs sold on fabric/home accessories and wall art. Most get shared on my instagram!

Things I do for fun

Cross-stitching side project
In my free time I like to cross-stitch and also create my own cross-stitch designs to sell on etsy! My sister suggested I turn my illustrations into cross-stitch patterns so people could stitch them. After some thought I decided to give it a whirl, and The Pixel Parade was born!

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Have a project for me?
E-mail me at and let's get started!